You might recognize the first two girls above!

Along with pet silhouettes, I have been testing out children silhouettes too.  I actually created a listing on Ebay to create silhouettes for customer.  I am charging $25.00 and all the buyer has to do is send me a picture of their child (profile works best for silhouettes).  I then create a silhouette from the photo along with my custom background.  After I create the silhouette, I send a jpg file back to the buyer for them to make their own prints.

I have not had many sells, but my listing on ebay has had a lot of views.  I have been trying to decide if I should do the printing myself and send the finished picture to the customer rather than a digital file.   Of course, the price will have to increase due to shipping cost.

Here is a link for my Ebay Listing


Yesterday, at the library, the girls got to play veterinarian.  The theme of the play area changes monthly.  This month the play area has a vet theme which is great because at night we have been watching All Creatures Great and Small season four.  The girls get to pretend to be a James Harriot character.  They love playing with the plastic medical instruments and pretending to give shots to the stuffed animals.

Along with the vet theme, there is a Thomas the Train set to play with.  Elsa and Anna love making the trains zoom along the tracks.  Sometimes they get a little carried away.

While Elsa and Anna were playing with the train set, a younger boy walked up to play too.  The boy grabbed a train and began to play.  Anna immediately grabbed the train from the boy and said, “NO!, MY TRAIN!”

“ANNA!  You have to share.  You have a train already.  Let the boy have a train too.”

Of course, Anna immediately began to cry.

Elsa on the other hand continued to zoom her train along the track.  As time passed, Elsa got more and more wild with her train.  Soon the train was zooming all over the play area.

“Elsa, you need to calm down or we will have to leave.”

Elsa did not calm down and Anna continued to cry about the train, so our time at the library ended….  Anna fell asleep before we made it home.


Sea Creature Alphabet, Dog Silhouettes, and Little Dory?

Day 270 9/13/16

Day 270 9/13/16

Day 271 9/13/16

Day 271 9/13/16

Day 272 9/13/16

Day 272 9/13/16

German Shepard Silhouette

Day 273 9/13/16

Retriever Silhouette

Day 274 9/13/16

Lab Silhouette

Day 275 9/13/16

Corgi Silhouette

Day 276 9/13/16

Bulldog Silhouette

Day 278 9/13/16

Beagle Silhouette

Day 279 9/13/16

I took a short break from posting artwork, and now I am back.  Hope you enjoy the new additions.  I have started creating silhouettes of dogs.  How do you like the new art?  Iam thinking about doing custom dog silhouette portraits.


This past weekend, we had some great weather in the 70’s.  With the clear skies and a cool breeze, the outdoors were beckoning us.   We packed some snacks and water and headed to Evergreen, Colorado to hike a trail.

Before embarking on the trail, we made sure both of the girls wore sunscreen and hats.  The hats usually do not stay on their heads long…. At least we tried….

The trail we hiked was relatively flat and the girls did really well at first.  By the time we hit 3/4 of a mile, Elsa and Anna were worn out, so our hike was cut short.

On the way back to the car, Elsa and Anna both gave me their hats and told me to hold them.  Being soft hats, I stuck them into my pocket.  Less than one minute later Elsa said, “Where is my hat?”

A few weeks ago, my wife and I took our girls to the indoor park located at our local community center.  As soon as we arrived, Elsa made a friend named Molly.  Anna did her best to play with the older girls too.

The indoor park is very small with only one piece of equipment consisting of some platforms and a slide.

Elsa and Molly ran all around the equipment.  At one point, Elsa looked at Molly and said, “Let’s go down the slide!”.  As soon as Elsa got to the bottom of the slide, she asked her mother and I, “Where is my friend?”

“Molly is at the top of the slide where you just talked to her….” We replied.

“Ooh,” Elsa said as she ran back up to the top of the slide.

Sometimes I feel like we have a little Dory from Finding Nemo.  Should we be worried?














Alphabet Sea Creatures and Marie Antoinette

Whale Shark C

Day 262 8/27/16

Squid R

Day 263 8/28/16

Leafy Seadragon N

Day 264 8/29/16

Sperm Whale I

Day 265 8/30/16

Manatee P

Day 266 8/31/16

Octopus A

Day 267 9/01/16

Puffer fish O

Day 268 9/02/16


Last week I made an A, an O, and a Z with my sea creatures.  I began working with larger paper and I have created some more letters.  I also recreated the A and O.  Above you will find C, R, N, I, P, A, and O.  How do you like the letters?


Our local library has a wide assortment of DVD’s.  Lately, when I am searching for a movie, the girls also help “search”.  Their searching usually consist of knocking as many movies off the shelf as possible.

One day, while knocking movies off the shelf, Elsa discovered Marie Antoinette staring Kirsten Dunst.  As soon as little Elsa’s eyes fell on the cover picture with Kirsten Dunst dressed like the queen, Elsa began begging for the movie.  I am not sure that the live action movie would hold Elsa’s attention…

Elsa has also proclaimed that she wants to be Marie Antoinette…. If only she could understand how Marie’s Story ended….



Day 255 8/26/16


Day 256 8/26/16

Weedy Seadragon

Day 257 8/26/16

This weeks post is all about testing out new ideas with my artwork.


These first three images were test for turning my artwork into digital images.  With the pointillism, Illustrator was not picking up the small details.  I tested these images to see if I could create better digital images.


Day 258 8/26/16


With the octopus, I was testing out how my artwork looked by interacting with the background.

Octopus A

Day 259 8/26/16

Pufferfish O

Day 260 8/26/16

Hammerhead Z

Day 261 8/26/16


The letters A, O, and Z Testing to see what my sea creatures looked like if they were modeled into letters.


My idea about making playing cards with Golden buildings, has hit a stumbling block.  Some buildings cannot be drawn without paying the owner of the building a fee.  The margins of profit would dwindle away if I had to split the money with a building owner.  I am still checking into loopholes and other options.


Recently we have experienced some wet weather.  To keep the girls active I have come up with a fun games which has become a success.  The girls and I go on safari’s throughout the house looking for mythical creatures.

It is amazing how many big foots, loch ness monsters, and harper eagles there are in our house.

Elsa has set up imaginary cages in our living room to store the different mythical creatures we have captured.

This game has been so fun for Elsa and Anna that they constantly ask to play…. I may have made a mistake in creating this little adventure game.

Day (252, 253, and 254) Magnolia, Hawthorn, Blue Whale, Pokemon Go Craze


Day 252 8/17/16


The Magnolia is the state flower for both Louisiana and Mississippi.  Charles Plumier was credited with naming the Magnolia tree.  He named it after French botanist, Pierre Mongol who died in 1715.


Day 253 8/18/16


In 1923 the Hawthorn was recognized as Missouri’s official state flower.  The plant can grow to 20 feet in height and belongs to the rose family.  The tiny fruit that is produced by the Hawthorn can be collected to make jams.

Blue Whale

Day 254 8/19/16


The blue whale is the largest creature ever known to exist on earth.  I created the background by randomly tossing some of our forks on the table and drawing the handles.


Now when we head for our bike rides, we not only have to deal with tubers, we also have to watch our for Pokemon trainers.  Pokemon have invaded Golden  and trainers are flocking to our paths to catch the digital creatures.

This morning, when I took Elsa and Anna to the park, there was a father with his four year old daughter.  His daughter, Molly, and my girls quickly became friends and started running around the park.  The other father just sat down on a bench and continuously played on his phone.

Judging by the yellow Pikachu shirt, I could tell what the man was probably playing.  I still tried to get a conversation started so, I asked , “ Are you playing Pokemon Go?”


“Is it a lot of fun?  I have seen hundreds of people playing it.”

“It is a great game, I just got into to.  I am a math tutor and one of my students, who plays Pokemon, told me that I was his only friend.  I could not believe it!  I am 40 and this kid is a high school student.  To try to connect more with the kid, I decided to give this Pokemon game a try.”
“Also, I just had a botched foot surgery and I have not been able to walk around for a few months.  I just had a temporary treatment that has helped me to be able to walk again.  This game has given me some motivation to get up and walk as much as I can.”

I eventually found out the man’s name was Mike.  After a little more small talk about the game and trying to figure out what was great about it, the man zoned back in on his phone.

Enjoying the nice cool breeze, I followed the girls around as they played on the large jungle gym.  At one point, Molly got herself stuck on top of a slide.  She called for her dad, but he seemed to be busy with his phone and did not even glance up.  I gave Molly a hand.

Soon a woman showed up and Mike, Molly, and the woman headed to the Clear Creek path.  Elsa and Molly gave each other a quick hug before Molly left.